Heat Oilfield is leading safety and emissions standards in the North American oil and gas industry. We offer a full range of oil and gas testing services, as well as equipment rentals.

Heat Oilfield was founded in July 2013 with the mission to build the largest, most innovative, and environmentally-conscious production testing equipment company in the North American oilfield market.

At Heat Oilfield, we get our hands dirty. We push ideas further, challenge each other, and pursue excellence with an undeniable drive. We have extensive knowledge in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, and we use that knowledge to ceaselessly improve the safety and efficiency of testing services.

Our team is made up of the most experienced people in the industry, working together to make positive changes across the board. We believe in doing what is right, not what is easy, and we believe that working together and sharing our knowledge benefits everyone.

To continue making strides forward, we need vision, innovation, and all hands on deck. That type of leadership at all levels doesn’t just happen. It’s engineered.

We are engineered to lead

When the oil and gas industry sets standards in testing safety and emissions, we push them further. We reimagine, engineer, and manufacture reliable equipment that surpasses these standards and advances the industry. We do so to be safer, more efficient, and kinder to the environment.

Every piece of our equipment is maintained by Heat’s team of experts who are dedicated to quality assurance and fulfilling our clients’ in-field servicing needs. We are passionate about safety, quality, and the environment and our professional team follows an extensive quality control process.

We have spent years perfecting a culture of rapid-response service regardless of the time of day or location. We use our decades of experience to resolve any issue. Our team is dedicated to creating synergy throughout all divisions of the company. We provide clients with our signature level of service, by employing only the most qualified team members to match the top-quality of our equipment.

We will continue to be industry leaders in innovation to streamline efficiency and safety.

Health and Safety

To us high-quality equipment goes hand-in-hand with health and safety. We reduce our corporate carbon footprint wherever possible, and promote safe environmental practices in the field. We invest in innovation and improving our manufacturing process so we can reduce the emissions associated the completion of hydrocarbon wells.

All of our equipment is manufactured to the highest safety standards set by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) and the BC Safety Authority. It is also registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and ASME U-Stamp certified. Our pressure separators are manufactured with H2S and LEL monitoring/alarm systems and high/low fluid shutdowns. Our equipment is built to operate efficiently saving time and costs by reducing any downtime and creating a safe work environment.

Heat Oilfield’s safety records are documented with Complyworks, ISNetworld and PICS Canada.

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We are also registered with ISN and COR certified.

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