Complete Testing Services

Hydraulic Fracturing Services

We offer the finest in fracking support operations for flow back, as well as equipment and flow servicing. Heat Oilfield crews are highly experienced and fully trained in worksite operations and the maintenance of your hydraulic fracking operation. We can assist with everything from installations to maintenance and repairs, making sure your operation runs as smoothly as possible – your success is ours.

Ensuring your safety and success is crucial to us. Heat Oilfield can provide trained expert assistance with snubbing, drill and pipe recovery, and wire line support, helping you intervene safely and effectively in emergency situations. It’s our role to provide you professional expertise and assistance in these situations where a live well needs to be contained or suppressed, or a malfunction has occurred where your drill becomes stuck. Our staff is also trained to provide expertise in flow back, helping you manage, contain, and dispose of this water safely without jeopardizing your operation.

Heat Oilfield offers Hydraulic Fracturing Services and also provides assistance in drill stem testing, a process of monitoring the pressure, productivity, and permeability of your fracking formation during active drilling. This process can ensure your wells are drilled in geological locations that are profitable for the extraction of natural resources.