Complete Testing Services


Heat’s production testing equipment is manufactured to the highest standards, and is certified at the international level. Our equipment providers have invested extensively to implement and improve industry standards for environmental and safety requirements.

For instance, we have added features such as gas diffusers on all inlets, Weir plates, and outlets on our vessels to decrease greenhouse emissions. To address operator safety we have installed visual alarm systems to the exterior of operator’s cabins to eliminate confined space entry, which alerts all personnel if H2S/LEL gases are being released inadvertently.

All vessels are built with sparging systems, which allows for zero-entry cleaning of the vessels without opening hatches, reduces the possibility of releasing emissions, and increases operator safety.

Our installation of both high- and low-fluid shut downs eliminate the environmental risk of carrying fluid over, and are set to actuate the on-board self-contained ESD system to isolate flow.

Gas and fluid metering systems are state of the art and are SCADA/live uplink ready. All vessels have dual ABB digital meters with Barton chart recorders.