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Dual junk catchers

Debris Catchers (also known as trash, junk, or ball catchers) are the first pieces of equipment installed near the wellhead to catch the debris as it flows up the well. When the first barrel of the catcher becomes full, the operator can bypass to the second barrel.

Our dual junk catchers clean the wellbore, protect all downstream equipment and instrumentation, and ensure the safe and continuous flow of the well. This increases the efficiency of operations and decrease costs. The proper use of our junk catchers allows oil and gas companies to complete and produce new wells without the need to shut down and perform costly clean out operations, or the risk of damaging valuable instruments.

Our dual junk catchers are rated to handle wells to 10,000 psi and are mounted on a full containment skid, which allows for easy transportation to any well site in Canada or the USA.

Junk catchers are being used by operators in the shale gas basins in areas of British Columbia and Alberta in Canada as well across areas in Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado and New York. They are also very useful in the light oil plays like the Bakken formation in Saskatchewan and North Dakota. Our team at Heat Oilfield is willing to meet any challenge to find the best solution for your needs.

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10,000 psi (3”)


  • Dual Barrel
  • 10,000 psi
  • 3”
  • Mounted on full containment skid