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Flare stacks

Oilfield flare stacks, also called gas flares, are vent pipes typically used in chemical plants, petroleum refineries, and natural gas plants. The main purpose of flare stacks is to protect pipes and pressure vessels when they are over pressured during operational upsets. When plant equipment are over pressured, flammable gas is released and the flare stacks help burn them off.

Oilfields usually have separators for the flare in order to remove large amounts of liquids. To reduce the formation of black smoke, steam is injected. To keep the flare system functioning according to the purpose it serves, small amounts of gas are burned continuously in case an over pressure occurs again.

In oilfield companies, flare stacks are used during completing operations and drilling to allow gas to be burned at a safe distance. This provides a much safer environment for

all workers in the oilfield. Ideally, flare stacks must make the operations smooth and should hinder any hydraulic hose from any rupture during oilfield operations.

Portable 60 ft. stacks

  • 1×6 inch main line
  • 4×4 inch auxillary lines
  • Auto ignition

80 ft. silent sam w/continuous ignition

  • 80 ft x 8″
  • 80 ft x 10″

120 ft. silent sam w/continuous ignition

  • 120 x 8″
  • 120 x 10″