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Vaporizers are essentially miniature line heaters that are flame arrested and insulated for efficiency, and they are controlled by a ProFire 1800 burner management system. They are user-friendly, and offer 2” Figure 206 connections to make including it in your system a simple process.

There are a few common uses for a vaporizers. One is for heating fuel gas from a pipeline for optimum burning. Many drilling rigs are converting to natural gas to reduce operating costs but need mild heating to increase burn efficiency. Another use is for cold weather liquid propane vaporization, and can be used for cold weather water storage. This heater is a small yet efficient way to keep fluid in 400bbl tanks from freezing with an added circulation pump.

There are several improvements on the design of Heat’s vaporizer over the open-flame 80/40 style vaporizers. The largest improvement is the flame-arrested burner. Whether there are issues with liquid propane bleed-off, unplanned vented gas or a carry-over of flammable/combustible fluids, our flame-arrested vaporizer can prevent catastrophic explosions. That added level of protection for your employees and others on-site is priceless and is even mandatory in many jurisdictions.